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Hello world

I know I am and I’m just trying to surf tonight!

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Yes I know I sound like a commercial but that should tell you just how irritated I am with not being able to access some of the Blogspot blogs right now.

Portia Rediscovered ~ Waveland Bound

February 3rd, 2006

The lovely Emily from Portia Rediscovered is in Waveland, Mississippi helping with Hurricane Katrina recovery. Go check out her progress on her blog and offer some encouraging words to this young woman who is brave enough to put actions behind her words

The Cotillion Ball:

January 31, 2006
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February 3rd, 2006

This week Girl on the Right guides us through How to be a Domestic Goddess. You know if The Cotillion ladies are blogging about it there must be a twist.
You can check it out at Girl on the Right’s blog or at The Cotillion.
Oh and while you’re at RG’s you might consider hitting her PayPal button to help pay for her trip to CPAC. Even $5 would help. Go on…at least buy a nice conservative Canadian girl a drink.


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February 3rd, 2006

Greetings and welcome to the all new Common Sense Runs Wild!
The last version of CSRW died a quick and relatively painless death when the server that it was hosted on crashed. Tragically that means that all of my archives were lost so I’m starting with a clean slate.
There have been some changes. I’ve moved to Word Press 2.0 and so far I love it. It’s far too early for me to write a formal review but initially I’m more than willing to give it two thumbs up. Based on spam controls alone I think I’m in love!
CSRW is now being hosted by Tammy of Tammy’s Designs. Tammy is also working on the blog design…er, designs. You will notice at the left (or maybe right?) there is a “Pick Your Flavor Of Janette” section where you can select “faces” for the blog. There’s Classic Janette which is the original much loved design based on the patriotic pinup created for me by William Teach of Pirate’s Cove. Then there’s Janette In Green which is a cool new design based on the painting “Pink Caddy” by Shano. Finally there’s Janette In Pink which is a more bold design based on Shano’s design. Each design is very different and lovely. Hopefully you’ll find a theme that appeals to you. (Note: You may have to click the link for the design twice to get it to show properly. That is one small bug we’ve found so far in WP 2.0.)
There’s still some work to be done on the outer columns. The Cotillion blogroll is missing and we still need to add a few things. All that will come in time I guess. I appreciate all of you that have stopped by to offer opinions and suggestions. It’s been nice to get feedback as things have gone along.
Enough about me, how about an open thread? Comment and let me know what’s on your mind or what’s happening in your corner of the blogosphere. I’ve been out of the loop and I’m certain that I’ve missed something important. Catch me up!
UPDATE: I just discovered that the links in the posts aren’t underlined or highlighted so you can’t actually tell where the links are unless you run the cursor over them. That’s irritating. I’ll work on fixing it and if I can’t hopefully Tammy can fix it for me

Hello world!

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January 28th, 2006

Welcome to Common Sense Runs Wild v1.03!
There’s no regular posting here yet as the site is still under construction and really you just never know what may happen. Please excuse the occasional mess as my fabulous blog designer Tammy tries to cater to my frivolous whims.
Comments and suggestions are welcome though please keep in mind that Tammy has a difficult enough time keeping up with my fickle desires.
UPDATE: For now pay no attention to the items in the outer columns! As the design progresses my massive blogrolls will reappear along with my other usual buttons.
UPDATE II: This new blog is run on Word Press 2.0, after one post here’s an initial review:
After six months of blogging on TypePad, six months blogging on Movable Type and two minutes blogging on Word Press 2.0 I have to say the people at Six Apart should be afraid. Very afraid. Every single thing I’ve done so far has been much, much easier. If the spam controls on Word Press 2.0 turn out to be as good as advertised the people at Six Apart should start looking for a new line of business.

The Cotillion


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